Making Plans…

As our game-a-thon approaches, the brave Sick Kids Save Point participants are starting to draw up plans as to what they will play during their marathon. Xbox 360 player Jamie plans to play all of the Halo games. Will he get through them all? Also on the 360 Isla plans to max out her gamerscore on Left 4 Dead. Meanwhile on the PS3 Wayne will put his Burnout Paradise addiction to the test, and Neil is threatening to spend all 24 hours of his marathon in Liberty City!

Support them now by clicking on their names and sponsoring them today!! Or if your taking part, head on over to our forums and let us know what YOU’ll be playing…

Want to take part, but don’t have any games to play? No problem, SKSP recommends free arcade brawler/mmo Dungeon Fighter. Did we mention it’s free? Great fun, and addictive enough to keep you going through your marathon…

There are still plenty people who are planning on taking part but haven’t signed up yet – please, please get your virgin page set up today, if you leave it too long you’ll have no time to collect sponsorship!

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