Changing perceptions…

Let’s face it, gaming gets pretty bad press. We’re constantly accused of being anti social, having short attention spans, a taste for violence and leading kids into a life of crime. Never was that more evident than the slanderous story by the Daily Star last week that a Grand Theft Auto game based on the killings in Rothebury was in development.

Thankfully the Daily Star has ‘unreservedly’ apologised to Rockstar, admitting that there had been no attempts to ‘check the accuracy’ of the story. (i.e they made it up.). GTA has been the centre of controversy before, with people calling for the game to be banned despite the quite clear bbcf rating on the box. Rockstar have always maintained that they ‘make games for adults’.

It seems incredible that in the same week as the Daily Star allegations, Rockstar North were quietly showing their true colours by giving substantial support to a local children’s charity, and lending its backing to Sick Kids Save Point…
– Together we can show that gamers care about society, about the welfare of kids, that we are a community with a community spirit, and that we have an impressive attention span!

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