Will he be Burnt out or in Paradise?

One of our fundraisers, Wayne (aka ‘jay0097’ on the PSN) will be attempting an impressive target during his marathon. A self confessed Burnout Paradise addict, Wayne claims he can get all 500 challenges in the 24 hours. He’ll have to delete his exisisting save, but, he says
“It’s for the kids… I am getting support from a few of my online friends from around the world. All outstanding players of the game … I have met the most compulsive Burnout players in the world ….ie me. In fact, i have done this before but not for charity – and i lasted 36 hours straight of Burnout .And yes you guessed it i was Burnt out by the end of it lol …”

To sponsor Wayne in this, visit his fundraising page and give what you can. You can follow his progress on the Official Playstation Forums, where Wayne will be letting us know how he’s getting on. See you in Paradise Waye!

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