International winners

As well as those that have been enjoying their prizes like Owen here with his GTA goodies, our charity auction is going well on ebay. People from Italy and Russia have been bidding on the items donated by Rockstar North. It’s not too late to bid on most of our Rockstar goodies – keep checking our ebay listings

Smiles all round.

As the dust settles on our mammoth gaming undertaking, work at the Sick Kids goes on. A lovely little boy called Aiden – a patient cared for in ward 7 – was thrilled to be the first to try out the DS and Bella Sara game donated as part of Sick Kids Save Point by the guys at Codemasters. Pink is actually Aiden’s favourite colour and he was more than happy to pose with Play Specialist Lorraine for a few photos. Hopefully Sick Kids Save Point can continue to raise some much needed smiles in the future.


Congratulations to the following fundraisers who won. Email me at to tell me your shipping details.

-GTA4 Special Edition (including art book, soundtrack etc) and GTA Liberty City Stories for Xbox 360 – ANTHONY BOWERS
-GTA3, Vice City & San Andreas for Xbox – JAMIE YOUNGER
-GTA4 for Windows – NEIL WYKES
-Bioshock 2 and Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360 – COL WALDER
-Red Dead Redemption Limited Edition for PS3 – STEPHEN GOODALL
-Manhunter 2 and GTA chinatown wars for PSP – WILLIAM KENNEDY
-Beaterator and Midnight Club LA for PSP – ISLA ESPLIN
-5 t-shirts – CONOR, WAYNE, MIKE M, STUZO & STEEV (let us know your size and that’s the T you’ll get)
-White IV T(L)
-Black Alderney Algonquin Bohan Broker & Dukes T (M)
-Blue Hercules Gym T (L)
-Pink Ballad of Gay Tony T (XL)
-Yellow Beaterator T (L)

-Rockstar baseball cap and mug- ROSS AITKEN
-Red Dead Redemption ‘dynamite’ candle and playing cards- MALCOLM SHIELDS
-GTA4 ‘Swingers’ foam hand and PiBwasser pint glass – OWEN MCADAM
-Large GTA4 sticker set and umbrella – JACK WALL
-A copy of Beatles Rock Band solus for PS3 (thanks Dan!)- VGEVO
– Week pass for The Ministry of Gaming – IFOR

Huge thanks to Rockstar North.

The prize for the top overall fundraiser, in recognition of being the top player, goes to Anthony Gowland. Let us know your size for your special one of a kind t-shirt FreakyZoid.

Prizes not claimed within a month will be auctioned on ebay with all proceeds going to The Sick Kids Friends Foundation as part of the SKSP total.



Cometh the HOUR

So here we are, on the brink of something special. Are we prepared? Do we have water, coffee, eyedrops and the latest firmware?

The first participant kicking off is Ifor, who will be playing from midnight on Friday morning! He’ll be updating us on the Official Playstation forums, and on Facebook. Go for it Ifor – you are the SKSP pioneer, the pathfinder, the biker scout. I shall be monitoring your spirits with trepidation…
Isla claims she’ll be next, because she’s going to start ‘as soon as I wake up’- roundabout 1am…! She’ll edit together a video of her updates, which I’ll post on here.

Jack and Jamie will start their Halo marathon at 8pm on friday. Here’s hoping they get a power nap in before that evening start! You can follow their progress on twitter.

An hour later Wayne starts his 500 challenges Burnout effort. He’ll be tearing up Paradise city on very little sleep, unless he can also get some power naps in first!

Saturday Morning sees most people starting, with games designer FreakyZoid (Anthony) getting underway at 8am. He’ll be updating via twitter, and you can read his preperations on his blog..

Myself, Mike, Ross and Stuzo are kicking off at 9am. The first three will be streaming our marathon LIVE here. Come laugh at us. Stuzo will be streaming his effort here.
An hour later, DowntoforitX will be providing a far more entertaining stream I’m sure, as they start proceedings at 10am, as will Owen who will keep us up to date on facebook.

I don’t have exact times for the rest of you yet, but I know that Stephen and Malcolm are due to kick off on Friday, and the last to start will be Anthony Bowers – a weekend late due to filming commitments…

You can track most of our participants via our twitter list. Don’t forget to tell us what your playing and how spirits are.

Remember that we are making a difference to some very sick children..

Good luck, and may the force be with you.