Cometh the HOUR

So here we are, on the brink of something special. Are we prepared? Do we have water, coffee, eyedrops and the latest firmware?

The first participant kicking off is Ifor, who will be playing from midnight on Friday morning! He’ll be updating us on the Official Playstation forums, and on Facebook. Go for it Ifor – you are the SKSP pioneer, the pathfinder, the biker scout. I shall be monitoring your spirits with trepidation…
Isla claims she’ll be next, because she’s going to start ‘as soon as I wake up’- roundabout 1am…! She’ll edit together a video of her updates, which I’ll post on here.

Jack and Jamie will start their Halo marathon at 8pm on friday. Here’s hoping they get a power nap in before that evening start! You can follow their progress on twitter.

An hour later Wayne starts his 500 challenges Burnout effort. He’ll be tearing up Paradise city on very little sleep, unless he can also get some power naps in first!

Saturday Morning sees most people starting, with games designer FreakyZoid (Anthony) getting underway at 8am. He’ll be updating via twitter, and you can read his preperations on his blog..

Myself, Mike, Ross and Stuzo are kicking off at 9am. The first three will be streaming our marathon LIVE here. Come laugh at us. Stuzo will be streaming his effort here.
An hour later, DowntoforitX will be providing a far more entertaining stream I’m sure, as they start proceedings at 10am, as will Owen who will keep us up to date on facebook.

I don’t have exact times for the rest of you yet, but I know that Stephen and Malcolm are due to kick off on Friday, and the last to start will be Anthony Bowers – a weekend late due to filming commitments…

You can track most of our participants via our twitter list. Don’t forget to tell us what your playing and how spirits are.

Remember that we are making a difference to some very sick children..

Good luck, and may the force be with you.

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