New Archive Footage discovered!

At Sick Kids Save Point we’re always on the lookout for some retro goodness.  Imagine our excitement when we uncovered this archive footage of rare 70s TV show Future Folk, which talks about videogames and the dangers of playing them.  Strangely relevant for our marathons in October…

The Social Network

keep in touch!

The idea of doing a marathon on your own sofa is a bit weird, we know.  Last years Sick Kids Save Point found many participants struggling to stay awake and motivated during their marathons, especially if they were attempting the 24 hours of gaming on their own.  This is why the social networks are really important in Sick Kids Save Point – they keep you connected with all the other participants.  Let people know what your playing, how your doing and it lets us all know that you haven’t fallen asleep!
Make sure before you start then that you are following us on Twitter or through our facebook page, and if you are thinking of streaming your marathon live, let us know so we can post the links up here.

Below you can see what the community are talking about on twitter, using the #sksp hashtag…

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Neil’s challenge

One of our participants Neil Gow, whose son had spent 5 days at the Sick Kids recently, has set himself some extra challenges for his marathon, according to his blog..  Apparently he’s unearthed a list of the worst games ever, and he’s looking for people to donate to put him through ordeals such as ‘Garden Simulator’..
‘a list of truly awful abominations of game design that will test my gaming ability and sanity over the course of the 24 hours.’ Neil tells us.  Go check out his blog, and donate to put him through hell via his Just Giving page...

A Thousand Thanks!

We have just passed the thousand pound mark for Sick Kids Save Point 2011, and we’re still several months away from our bloodshot-eyed, thumb-aching feat of sheer stamina!

At the time of writing, our total stands at £1003.93 including gift aid.  A quick glance of our Leaderboard tells us that a lot of thanks has to go to recent signups Iain and Xander, who have raised £300 between them already!  The banter about the leaderboard has already set twitter alight..  Who will win the league and claim the exclusive prize?  You can read about Iain’s attempt on his website..
For the latest total, just check our figure in the top right –>

SKA Save Point – Win a signed E.P.

I’m delighted to announce brilliant SKA band More From Jim are to take part in Sick Kids Save Point this year.  

More From Jim are a 7 piece band consisting of bass, guitar, drums, trombone, saxophone and two trumpets.  All members originate from in and around the town of Annan in Dumfries and Gallowayand have been together for around 4 years – playing both their own music, and many great classics including Sally Brown, Gangsters, Ghostbusters, Brown Eyed Girl, Come on Eilleen and many more. 
You can catch them at the Wickerman Festival at the end of July in Dumfries and Galloway.
They are also giving away a signed copy of their EP, which consists of 5 of their own songs, to whoever sponsors them the most for Sick Kids Save Point 2011, so go sponsor them HERE.
Drummer Shorty, who will be taking part with Guitarist Dunk, says that they are “proud 
to be taking part and raising money for this fine charity”. 

And while you’re at it, go like them on Facebook and check out their itunes..