Our Hero Donates A Prize

copyright Jack Henderson

We’re delighted to add an addition to our prize list. Jack Henderson, the Sick Kids Fundraising phenomenon of this last year, has donated a signed copy of his book ‘Jack Draws Anything’ – a collection of his brilliant and often hilarious drawings.

Jack Henderson (6), of Prestonpans, East Lothian came up with the idea to “draw anything” in return for donations to the hospital that treats his wee brother, after a family friend bought one of his drawings for 20p. After two weeks, Jack had over 500 picture requests and then came TV appearances and international recognition!  Now he has raised over £25,000 for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. The requested pictures range from a “dinosaur diving into a pool of jelly” (#1) to “my (extremely bald) friend Brian dancing like a crazy man” (#80). Sick Kids Save Point wanted to put a request in but by the time we donated Jack was overwhelmed by the requests and had a backlog of several months. No biggy – we were happy to support him anyway as he’s been a real inspiration to us. Thanks Jack – you’re our hero!

Go check out his latest drawings at his blog. To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is raise £100 or more in sponsorship.

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