It’s so EPIC it’s Stupid!

DowntoforitX are a Scottish gaming podcast.  They are also part of the awesome Retroids Podcast Network.  Most importantly though, they are doing Sick Kids Save Point THIS WEEKEND.  As part of Retroids they are committed to taking part in Extra Life, SKSP’s American Granddaddy, which takes place this weekend, so they moved their Sick Kids Save Point marathon to coincide.

Extra Life is a gaming marathon run by Sarcastic Gamer, which was started to raise funds for the Texas Children’s Hospital but now benefits the Children’s Miracle Network, a charity which benefits all children’s hospitals.  Prime and Ray-G are playing for the Sick Kids in Edinburgh, of course, and if you donate to their SKSP page the money will go straight to the hospital, and as it is Just Giving is eligible for Gift Aid.  If you want to show some solidarity to these guys, or if you missed out on last weekend but still want to support Sick kids Save Point, go sponsor DowntoforitX now!

Here’s their live stream – expect some JRPGs…   (popout)

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