We guarantee our launch…

The Playstation 4 is due this year – it could even coincide with SKSP4, but we doubt it. Why wait for a delaystation when you can get excited about the biggest charity gaming marathon in the country? With this in mind we thought we’d cheekily capsize Sony’s launch with this:
Sick Kids Save Point 4. We guarantee launch in 2013.. 

If you think you could game for 24 hours non-stop and raise vital funds for one of the busiest Kids Hospitals in the country, sign up today! All you have to do is set up a Just Giving Page, choose your 24 hr slot on the weekend of 11th – 13th October, and prepare…

We’ve had a rush of new signups for this year, and we only need TWO more before we send out free codes for the cute iphone game Tilt and Sprout, which was developed here in Edinburgh. After we announced this on twitter quite a few signed up sharpish. Yes, that means YOU could get your hands on the game just by signing up for a 24 hour charity gaming marathon. Simples. But you’ll need to be quick.

We’re super grateful to local devs Twiddly for germinating our early adopters!

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