The winner of the Glasgow leg of Molyjam deux had it firmly cocked.

Molydog: Dogulus Rift is a game built around the latest Virtual Reality tech Oculus Rift and takes as its inspiration Molyneux’s quote:

Part of the fun of dogs is they misbehave and can be enormously embarrassing to the owner.

The aim of the game is to embarrass your owner as much as possible in 3 minutes, by barking, peeing, causing trouble, fighting other dogs etc.

This game also tries itself to embarrass the player – here is SKSP’s Tom playing it: judge for yourself..

After this initial confusion we set the high score for peeing on strangers. The judges were unanimous that this was exactly the kind of exclusive madness the great eccentric would approve of.

Other games included 4-player Ouya game Acorn Warriors, Army recruitment sim Harassing the City and Metroid-in-reverse title VoidStar.  We’ll have more in depth reactions in the next podcast but in the meantime check out all the molyjam games from around the world. Many of them are playable! Enjoy!

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