The Podcast returns! – minecraft and tacos

Welcome back!

Ross and Tom kick off 2014 with a relaunch with a new format.
News – Lub vs Dub, Tigerface nominated, Lucky Frame’s bluegrass and tacos event
The game I want to talk about isss…
That Dragon Cancer
Civilization V
Interview – Chris Van Der Kuyl, 4J studios on Minecraft
Minecraft chat
music by Comptroller –

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Indy-pendant spirit

SKSP dynamic duo Ross and Tom took a toddle to (and a stagger from) Lucky Frame’s social event  Tacos, Bluegrass and Video Games aka #TBVG.

The event was held grasping to the edge of Leith in Pilrig church hall, just along the road from Lucky Frame’s creative studio and comprised of a heady mix of (as the title suggests) food, music and games.  Add to this a couple of icebreaking bottles of beer and we have a complete recipe for a friendly evening out with similarly minded folk. Beards and flat caps were de rigueur, and between us we had enough to blend in and we set to work. After a quick scout of the room Tom picked up the first free controller and got to work embracing the indy game spirit.

First up was Smesport by  Michael Brough, a fast paced 4 player 2v2 game that involved maintaining possession of a ‘ball’ that was passed between players to build up the bars that were the background and field of play.

Tom’s eyes dry up.


Flappy fans!


Upstairs Sluggish Morrs invited you in with a warm cosy tent and fire. After some brief gameplay left Ross more than a little disturbed.


An enthusiastic pair take on the frantic and arm numbing score chaser Punch Custard.


By far our favourite experience of the night was Slam of the Arcade Age from One Life Remains.  A great party game the felt like a button bashing cross between Twister and Escalado that eventually left the controllers destroyed, which was in part the point.


Also Lucky Frame had a couple of their own creation out for our enjoyment, Gentlemen! which we at SKSP are massive fans of and ROFLpillar an interactive (literally) head to head game that anyone with a low embarrassment threshold would flee from.  Fortunately  the SKSP duo have little shame, especially after the provided beers.


Getting up close with Tom inside the ROFLpillar.


In our next Podcast we discuss #TBVG in more detail.