Podcast episode 24 – In real life

Dashie-in-real-life-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-31445590-1907-1097Cam and Tom host a short and sweet episode in which archaic notions such as Windows 95, CD Roms and libraries made out of bricks and mortar are discussed, along with reactions to MICROSOFT apparently conceding Japan, PLAYSTATION NOW impressions, FMV game HER STORY and Tom gets super animated on rpg/pinball hybrid ROLLERS OF THE REALM.

Oh and we bring exciting news of this year’s DARE PROTOPLAY festival.
All this and more in under 40 minutes…
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Sick Kids Save Point podcast episode 23 – live action languages

languagesThe podcast that took us a week to record!

We discuss Nolan North and the Last of Us 2 reveal and some live action ‘locked room’ gaming – not as rude as it sounds!
Then after a week’s break[!] we dig into Last Of Us Left Behind and Castle Panic – the Wizard’s Tower
Nurse Cam gives top safety tips for those undertaking a 24 hour gaming maarathon and we get tongue tied over DUOLINGO
*apologies for the poor sound from Cam’s track – we’re working on it*

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