Our Latest Participant!

I thought I’d share what our latest participant Owen McAdam has written on his Virgin Giving page, as it can help remind us why this charity is so important….

“I decided to enter this to help raise money for the sick kids hospital in edinburgh as they saved the life of one of my best friends kids.

His son, Nathan, was born but had severe breathing difficulties and was very close to the edge and sadly would not have made it but for the efforts of all the staff at the sick kids. My sister is also a paediactric nurse who used to work at the sick kids and has told me countless times about the great work they do helping little kids who fall seriously ill. To help with this i’m taking up the 24 gaming challenge! This will be horrendously difficult for me as i get bored after a few hours…

I’ll mostly be playing a mix of “Dragonage:Origins (plus awakening expansion), Borderlands and All points bulletin (APB)” hopefully enough variety to stop me losing too much sanity!

If you can please donate whatever you feel you can spare as every single donation could go towards saving a childs life.”

Show him some support and sponsor him today!