Updates – SKSP 2012?

Scotland’s 24 hour videogames marathon was a blast last year, and an incredible success.  We raised an unbelievable £21k to help Sick Children and their families all over the Lothians and Scotland as a whole, through the work of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.  This was thanks to all the gamers who signed up and put themselves through 24 hours of non-stop gaming for the cause…  Thank you again.

At SKSP HQ we’ve been outrageously busy with real life and other boring pursuits, and as such there may be some loose ends to tie up.  If you won a prize but didn’t receive it please get in touch.  Neil, our top player, still has to get his prize so expect further news on that soon.

We’d like to run the event this year, probably in October again.  Who’s up for it?

In the meantime come chat with us on twitter and facebook