Prize Draw

Sorry if you’ve been waiting, this took me about 4 hours to post after a PC meltdown….

See if you’ve won… Good Luck

Email us with your shipping details to claim your prize, or let us know if you won’t be claiming it and we’ll sell it on ebay. Every penny raised will go to the Sick Kids Friends Foundation of course!

Prizes Announced!

Thanks to some amazing people in the gaming industry, we’ve got an amazing list of Prizes this year.  Anyone who takes part in Sick Kids Save Point is eligible to win, all you have to do is raise £100 in sponsorship on your Just Giving page by the end of your video games marathon. (That’ll be NEXT WEEK then!)

Try Matching Set

From Rockstar North to Ludometrics, from Capcom to Blazing Griffin, we salute you! Oh and special thanks to Lucky Frame and Twiddly, who donated codes for their games that we can giveaway- more on that later… In the meantime, go drool over what you could win.

Travel to Ancient Egypt with a new ipod

Thoth be praised!!  Scottish games company Ludometrics have offered 2 of the new ipod shuffles towards our prize list! All you need to do to enter the draw is raise £100 in sponsorship for your Sick Kids Save Point gaming marathon. If you win, you get to choose the colour…

In the meantime we recommend you go and download their addictive wee game of hieroglyphic puzzles Matching Set . Perfect for toilet breaks during your SKSP marathon!

Ra Ra RA!