A pacifist plan..

As you may have heard on our last podcast, Tom is going to try and avoid firearms for this year’s marathon. Should this include all forms of ‘shooting’ such as bows, magic, superpowers etc?

but is it any fun?

Is it possible to find 24 hours worth of pacifist games apart from sports titles?

If you think 24 hours of non stop games sounds manageable, then why not challenge yourself further? Or adopt a theme?  We’d love to hear from you about your plans for your Sick Kids Save Point marathon – email us your schemes and we’ll include them on the next podcast, and don’t forget to include your Just Giving fundraising page url…


Stuck for what to play during Sick Kids Save Point, Scotland’s 24 hour video game marathon? Check out indie game Invertical by one of our participants Oxygen Addict, or Edinburgh boy Richard Adams. Richard is so much of an enthusiast for making wee games, he’s doing an extra marathon at the end of September for making games.  If you sponsor him you can suggest a game for him to try!
In the meantime, if you buy Invertical for a piddling £1.20 the proceeds will go towards the SKSP total. Everyone’s a box shaped upside down winner!

With This Controller I Thee Wed

With only two weeks to go before our videogames marathon, participant Louise Stephens Alexander has come up with a novel way of getting extra sponsorship: She has promised to undertake the full 24 hours in fancy dress!

I can’t move my thumbs!
pic copyright Roddy Mackay Photography

 “As an incentive, if I reach my targets prior to the event, I will do the event dressed in a silly and uncomfortable manner.” she tells us on her Just Giving page, “£100 – dressed as a pirate, £200 -dressed as a hula girl, £250+ – dressed as a futuristic space robot.  If I make £500, which seems unlikely, I will do the entire thing in my wedding dress (complete with veil). Rest assured that it is extremely uncomfortable.”
Dramaturge Louise has already received enough sponsorship to guarantee 24 hours dressed like a pirate, but since Louise only got married earlier this year, SKSP thinks it would be a perfect opportunity to wear an outfit that she only got a chance to wear once, and we encourage people to help her reach that £500 target!

What’s more, Louise will be playing largely on a PS2, so won’t have a network of online buddies to keep her chin up.  She plans to play some Taito legends (superqix, space invaders), Colin Mcrae rally, Guitar Hero, Singstar, GTA, tony hawk; Portal and Lego Star Wars.  SKSP believes her friends are rallying round, including lending her an Xbox and supplying her with “pizzas and moral support on the night. DELICIOUS MORAL SUPPORT “

Sponsor her here.  Follow her twitter to hear updates on her marathon.

Much Less Than Six…

In an incredible feat of organisation, a group known as ‘Less than six’ (David, Robert, Kim and Bob) have already drawn up a comprehensive plan for their Sick Kids Save Point marathon.  Impressively this group of brave adventurers will be Rocking out with Rock Band, high-speed waggling with Super Smash Bros on the Wii and playing some table top rpgs such as Dungeons and Dragons.  But perhaps the most impressive feat of all in their plan is a game known mysteriously as ‘1000 Blank White cards’ – could this be the hardest marathon challenge yet?  Surely nothing could be more sleep inducing than a card game involving no stimulation whatsoever!

In all seriousness though, these folks deserve all the support we can give them, especially because they’ve an integrated forfeit scheme which will inevitably result in them donating a lot out of their own pockets on top of the sleep deprivation.  Check out their Just Giving pages here, and go follow them on twitter