Join us for SKSP 2011!

In 2010 Gamers all over Scotland undertook a 24-hour gaming marathon and raised over £7,000 for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, who help the patients and their families at the Sick Kids Hospital, Edinburgh. They were supported by Edinburgh’s own Rockstar North, the creators of Grand Theft Auto. Codemasters UK also donated Nintendo DS lites for the brave children in the wards of the Sick Kids Hospital. Our top player was Freakyzoid, who raised a staggering £778.05 including gift aid.

As they attempted to play games for 24 hours they kept in contact through facebook and twitter, and a strong gaming community emerged. Now is your chance to join that community, because this year we plan to do it all again, only this time bigger and better!

In various 24 hour slots between 12.00am Friday 7th October and 11.59pm Sunday 9th October gamers will be undertaking a marathon on thier sofa. They will be collecting sponsorship through Just Giving to help an important local charity. If you want to be part of it, join us on facebook and twitter, and watch this space for further details….

Making Plans…

As our game-a-thon approaches, the brave Sick Kids Save Point participants are starting to draw up plans as to what they will play during their marathon. Xbox 360 player Jamie plans to play all of the Halo games. Will he get through them all? Also on the 360 Isla plans to max out her gamerscore on Left 4 Dead. Meanwhile on the PS3 Wayne will put his Burnout Paradise addiction to the test, and Neil is threatening to spend all 24 hours of his marathon in Liberty City!

Support them now by clicking on their names and sponsoring them today!! Or if your taking part, head on over to our forums and let us know what YOU’ll be playing…

Want to take part, but don’t have any games to play? No problem, SKSP recommends free arcade brawler/mmo Dungeon Fighter. Did we mention it’s free? Great fun, and addictive enough to keep you going through your marathon…

There are still plenty people who are planning on taking part but haven’t signed up yet – please, please get your virgin page set up today, if you leave it too long you’ll have no time to collect sponsorship!

Tick Tock!

The Hour approacheth! With just over a month to go until our marathon, several people have signed up and are collecting sponsorship as we speak. We need to push this month to get those donations coming in and get more people involved. Don’t forget to tell all the gamers you know, and your local games shop – It’s not too late to get involved – The Sick Kids Hospital needs YOU! 🙂


People have been asking some valid questions, so I thought I’d post a few here for everyone’s benefit…

Does it cost me anything to actually run the event aside from obviously electricity? How do we know that this is official?
-gawd no, we wouldn’t CHARGE people to do a charity marathon! I don’t want the responsibility of handling donation money, thats why Virgin money Giving are doing it. (they collect sponsorship for the London marathon, great north run etc)

But what about Virgin Money? They talk about this ‘event fee’ thingme?
-the event fee is what SKFF paid to set it up. participants pay nothing.. nada . Gift Aid is reclaimed from the Government and passed to charities in full. Fundraisers and their sponsors don’t pay a penny to use Virgin Money Giving, and every donation goes directly to the charity.

Do we pick our own games?, does it have to be just one big server ie warhawk? Can we do it from home or do we have to have a set base of operations, where we all would meet up?
– The marathon takes place in folks own homes, they can pick any 24 hour slot between friday the 6th and sunday 8th August. You could meet up, play as individuals or all do it during the same hours; organise however you guys wanted to play it.

Only one problem i see is who would be willing to sponsor me just for gaming? Anyone that knows me will just laugh in ma face if i ask them for money (my sister already has lol)
-If people seem reluctant to sponsor you, stress that its for a good cause, and that its going to be HARD! Marathon runners enjoy running, but 26 miles is a test. This is exactly the same. If you don’t get a lot of sponsorship it doesn’t matter – every little bit makes a difference. There are other ways to raise money too, for example during Extra Life gamers played each other online for money (e.g the loser in Street Fighter 4 donates a dollar)