Win big with a dynamite Dubwars score!

Red Dead Redemption is a favourite at Sick Kids Save Point HQ.

cannonIt formed a crucial role during our first marathon, where we held Fort Mercer for the best part of four hours during the small hours.

Tonight’s launch event to celebrate Sick Kids Save Point six will see our gamers playing for probably the two best bits of RDR memorabilia – now collectors items – donated by the game’s developer Rockstar North.

Firstly, a deck of authentic RDR playing cards to hone your wild west poker skills with.

Secondly, this gorgeous bundle of dynamite sticks, for dealing with the varmint who makes off with your winnings.*

The highest score on tonight’s DubWars scorechase will win both. Just donate a coin to play, like a coin op…


This year Rockstar North, our local gaming giant who produces Scotland’s most successful cultural export Grand Theft Auto, is supporting Sick Kids Save Point yet again with donations of prizes for fundraisers and a contribution to our target for this year’s event. Quite simply, we wouldn’t be the event we are without them.

Everyone who receives £100 in sponsorship for Sick Kids Save Point is entered into the draw, and it’s not to late to sign up. All you need to do is read our guidelines and create a JustGiving page in our team page and start planning your marathon.

Don’t forget you need to update us on social media or by live stream every 3 hours so we can all support each other!

Euro smash


Not content with giving us oodles of copies of Crusader Kings II and March of the Eagles, those impossibly generous folks at Paradox have gone and donated FIVE copies of their recent tactical smash Europa Universalis IV towards our prize draw!!

Rule your nation through the centuries, experience true exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy. Europa Universalis IV  got five stars and ‘Editor’s choice’ over at PC gamer.

It’s one of the big games of 2013, and we’re so delighted to be giving it away along with Grand Theft Auto V, Crusader Kings II, March of the Eagles, Kickbeat, Bleach: Soul Resurrection, Hyperdimension Neptunia and Air Buccaneers.  To win one of these amazing hit games all you have to do is raise over £100 on your Just Giving page in sponsorship for Sick Kids Save Point, the UK’s biggest charity gaming marathon.


We’re getting very close now, fundraising is going incredibly well, but… IT’S NOT TO LATE to sign up! You can find out how to sign up for our 24 hours of games by hitting ‘sign up here’ above. It will take about 2 minutes.

Join us and Play Games. Save Kids. Win Stuff

From Los Santos to Edinburgh, in one generous leap..

We’re absolutely thrilled that once again Rockstar North are supporting Sick Kids Save Point. Our local games giant has been busy creating Grand Theft Auto V, which was released last week and made $800 million IN ITS FIRST DAY, but didn’t forget about their local charity games marathon in the aftermath..

Check out the amazing prizes they’ve added to our prize draw: photo

To be in with a chance of winning your own copy of GTAV, or an ifruit iphone cover, or even a plush Chop the dog, all you need to do is sign up for SKSP and raise £100 in sponsorship on your JustGiving page, and you’ll be automatically entered into our prize draw.

Here’s our related press release:

In the wake of releasing what looks to be the best selling videogame of all time, Grand Theft Auto 5, Edinburgh-based Rockstar North have today pledged support for Sick Kids Save Point, the country’s biggest and most successful 24-hour charity gaming marathon. 

Sick Kids Save Point was launched in 2010 in Edinburgh, and thanks to the continued support of the local games giant, the event has managed to raise over £50,000 for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, making the biggest event of its kind in the UK. This year it takes place on the weekend 11th-14th October, and it is thought hundreds of gamers from across the UK will take part. 

Rockstar North have donated a four figure sum every year to The Sick Kids Friends Foundation, as well as prizes to fundraisers who are taking on the challenge of playing games for 24 hours to raise money for this vital local charity.  

Edinburgh actor Tom Freeman organises the event, and was nominated for a Sick Kids award earlier this year for his efforts. 

“I’m delighted that our local heroes have yet again come up with the goods when supporting a crucial local hospital, which treats kids from all over the country.” he said 

“We’ve had support from many of the numerous local games companies and some further afield, but Rockstar North have been consistent in their generosity. Many of Rockstar’s employees even take part! 

Playing games for 24 hours is not easy. Just like a marathon runner has to fight through a pain barrier, participants in Sick Kids Save Point have to push past a realisation that sitting looking at a screen just isn’t fun anymore…”

Also supporting this year’s Sick Kids Save Point marathon are Swedish company Paradox Interactive, NIS America, Finnish company Ludocraft and Scottish website Calm Down Tom, all of whom have donated Prizes. The event also enjoys the support of the Scottish games industry through 

the Sick Kids Friends Foundation is a registered Scottish Charity that raises around £1.5 million every year to help children and families at the Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital.