We’re underway – follow #sksp 2015 live

The Sick Kids Save Point charity gaming marathon is away!



Our brave gamers are updating us with what they’re playing via our facebook page or on twitter using the #sksp hashtag.

Follow them and show your support with words of encouragement and donations to their fundraising, all of which will help sick children and their families.

Some participants are live streaming their events. For example Alex Sievewright here:

Chris Devlin here:
http://www.twitch.tv/cheekydevlin/embedWatch live video from CheekyDevlin on www.twitch.tv
and Alex the Kid here:http://www.twitch.tv/imalexthekid/embedWatch live video from imAlexTheKid on www.twitch.tv

And it’s “all good in the slug hood” as Ashley McNeil provides hilarious commentary to Super Meat Boy:
http://www.twitch.tv/5ciencepunk/embedWatch live video from 5ciencepunk on www.twitch.tv
A word of warning: we cannot be held responsible for mature content or naughty words that might come out of tired gamers’ mouths. It’s all in a good cause!

Early adopters

Although Sick Kids Save Point officially gets underway this coming weekend, some people are forced to shift their marathon due to outside commitments.

Neil Gow undertook his marathon a week early, and played only children’s games.

“Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and support, it’s been a long couple of days but thoroughly worthwhile,” he said, after raising an incredible £554.30 for the Sick Kids Friends foundation.

Today our Welsh champion Matthew Maloney has kicked off his 36 hour test, which has already seen some Dying Light and Sleeping Dogs –  we hope he doesn’t sleep when the light really does die!

You can watch him here

Thank you. Let’s push for the big one.

Holy Countdown BatfolksI’m immensely proud of Sick Kids Save Point. We’ve raised over £71,000 for the Sick Kids Hospital over the last five years, by playing games for 24 hours.

It snowballed into a major event on the Scottish gaming calender, and it did a whole load of good improving the image of gamers at a time when a lot of horrible headlines were penetrating mainstream media. (Yes, I’m talking about you gamergate.)

Anyway, I took a year out last year because I was overworked by the referendum, moving house on the weekend, and I felt I’d tapped up my friends enough over the years. That said, we still had an amazing group of gamers from all over the country who raised a phenomenal amount for sick children and their worried parents. It was proof the event has a life of its own.

That said, this year I’m back, because the charity still does its amazing work, and in fact they are gearing up to move to a sparkling new hospital at Little France. This move is difficult culturally, because people have such personal and emotional memories of the building at Sciennes. But that makes the work of the charity in smoothing that transition even more important.

We want to see if we can push our total over 100,000 this year. That means we need to have our best year ever. That means we need you. Please consider joining us to undertake the challenge, on the 9th-11th October. Or if you can’t please consider sponsoring us. Every little donation will help us towards that total.

Thanks, so much, for all your support over the last five years.

Tom Freeman

SKSP 5 in the bag

As this is written our last gamer of 2014, Chris Pilkington, is finishing off his FIFA challenge which saw him play a game as every English league club in the game over his 24 hour marathon. The session saw, among other things, Scotland youngster Jordan Rhodes’ score a 40 yard scorcher against Burnley. For that alone we salute you!

Finished Sick KidsMeanwhile last year Scott Murdoch ran an actual marathon while playing games. This year he assembled an almighty crew to recreate the Sick Kids Hospital itself in Minecraft. Marvel at their handiwork, then marvel again as I tell you it was done in SURVIVAL mode… Scott tells me they still had time to kill the dragon after completing the hospital. HURRAH!

Alex Sievwright also did Minecraft creations, but some of those were a little ruder. His commentary as always was hilarious.

Added to that, Rockstar heroes and SKSP veterans Steev and Mags played over the odds again, and our very own field operative Ross tackled his list of shame in a difficult solo run. Many, many more of you took part, loads for the first time, and we thank you.

At the last count the total had shot over £8,000 which means Sick Kids Save Point has raised over £70,000 for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. This money raised will make a real difference to the work of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation and is a true testament to all your hard work and dedication.

Will you make the GRade?

sksp1We’re only days away, and the popular GRcade gaming forums have donated 3 T-shirts to this year’s prize draw. With members like Shawn Smith and Chris Devlin signed up to this year’s marathon, the organisers have agreed to make a special tee for whoever this year’s top player is!

The gaming forums are busy, friendly and active, with loads of useful stuff like video game guides and tips alongside the usual friendly banter. For example user Andrew Mills prepared these great Mario Kart 8 video guides if anyone’s planning some racing this weekend.

The top player from Sick Kids Save Point 2, Neil Gow is a member of the forums.

GRcade has been my online home for about 10 years now. It’s also the home of some rather excellent individuals and an indispensable community for ‘games and stuff’, as the site heading suggests.

As some of you will be aware, I got involved with SKSP when my young son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I went to the other forum members to ask for help with ideas of what to play and to sponsor me if they were able to. The support I got from gamers in general was amazing. Not only did they make a huge contribution towards to my final £1,500 total but they also designed a special banner to mark the occasion and gave me a ‘list from hell’ of games to play that fitted right in with my theme of playing rubbish for the 24 hours.

I owe GRcade a lot as they’ve been there for me when things haven’t been the best, providing laughs and gaming chat all the way.”