Paradox – Their generosity is no contradiction!

Sick Kids Save Point 4 is three months away, but the prizes for fundraisers are starting to come in. First up, strategy specialists Paradox development studio have been startlingly generous. They’ve only given us a sackful of codes for their top strategy PC games. We have several copies of hit games Crusader Kings 2 and March of the Eagles to give away. We also may have further prizes from Paradox to announce come September…

Crusader Kings 2 is the critically acclaimed medieval europe strategy game which has set our friends at Calm Down Tom a-quiver. “Stand ready, increase your prestige, and listen to the world whisper your name in awe.”

In March of the Eagles, Rise in power in the era of the Napoleonic Wars, the ten years of conflict in Europe between the years 1805 – 1820, and move on to claim the control of Europe.

To enter the draw all you have to do is raise £100 in sponsorship on your Just Giving page for Sick Kids Save Point. The draw will be made a day or two after the weekend of 11th-14th October, which is when we’ll be playing games for 24 hours in aid of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

If you haven’t signed up yet, simply follow the directions on the right – read our safety guidelines, make a JustGiving page to collect sponsorship, and tell your friends!

Early Videos are in

If you ever search ‘sick kids save point’ on you tube, there is a frightening amount of good stuff out there. Here’s the first of this year’s videos, by AlextheKid, one of our SKSP4 early adopters…

And a brilliantly edited vid from Fed – ‘commuting’ across London for Sick Kids:

UKVampire also producing this touching vid:

E3 Post Mortem

Join us for our third podcast. This time Tom is joined by Mike Merriman to discuss the fallout from e3, retro games, and planning for the Sick Kids Charity Games Marathon in October.

Music by Scottish Chiptune artist Comptroller. Please scroll down to hear earlier podcasts..

A pacifist plan..

As you may have heard on our last podcast, Tom is going to try and avoid firearms for this year’s marathon. Should this include all forms of ‘shooting’ such as bows, magic, superpowers etc?

but is it any fun?

Is it possible to find 24 hours worth of pacifist games apart from sports titles?

If you think 24 hours of non stop games sounds manageable, then why not challenge yourself further? Or adopt a theme?  We’d love to hear from you about your plans for your Sick Kids Save Point marathon – email us your schemes and we’ll include them on the next podcast, and don’t forget to include your Just Giving fundraising page url…

We guarantee our launch…

The Playstation 4 is due this year – it could even coincide with SKSP4, but we doubt it. Why wait for a delaystation when you can get excited about the biggest charity gaming marathon in the country? With this in mind we thought we’d cheekily capsize Sony’s launch with this:
Sick Kids Save Point 4. We guarantee launch in 2013.. 

If you think you could game for 24 hours non-stop and raise vital funds for one of the busiest Kids Hospitals in the country, sign up today! All you have to do is set up a Just Giving Page, choose your 24 hr slot on the weekend of 11th – 13th October, and prepare…

We’ve had a rush of new signups for this year, and we only need TWO more before we send out free codes for the cute iphone game Tilt and Sprout, which was developed here in Edinburgh. After we announced this on twitter quite a few signed up sharpish. Yes, that means YOU could get your hands on the game just by signing up for a 24 hour charity gaming marathon. Simples. But you’ll need to be quick.

We’re super grateful to local devs Twiddly for germinating our early adopters!