Equipment provided by the Sick Kids Friends Foundation helps pioneering surgery.

After Sick Kids Save Point last year, the Sick Kids Friends Foundation purchased OR1 keyhole surgery equipment for the Hospital, and now a toddler from West Lothian is among the first in Scotland to benefit from new state-of-the-art equipment at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

18-month-old Rowan Crombie, who lives with her parents in Philpstoun, West Lothian, underwent major keyhole surgery at the hospital after developing a rare condition caused by a cyst close to her liver.

Thanks to the OR1 surgery system, and in a small way the gamers who raised 7k towards it last year, Edinburgh is now recognised world-wide as a leader in paediatric keyhole surgery. We helped to pay for this equipment, and Rowan’s recovery is a testament to what we’re doing here.

Mr Crombie said: “The whole experience has been incredibly tough but thankfully Rowan is recovering well.

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