Stay On Target…

In 3 weeks time the dust will be settling on the third Sick Kids Save Point charity gaming marathon!

We’ll be exhausted, all gamed out, but we’ll be feeling that sense of accomplishment that you can only get from helping others.

In our case we are raising money for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, including helping them provide comforts and specialist services. We’ve previously contributed toward the cost of state-of-the-art keyhole surgery equipment, vehicles, the drop-in centre and Kidsnet, the children’s intranet throughout Lothian. 

 “we purchase state of the art medical equipment, assist extra research, raise funds for family and child-friendly facilities and provide special comforts for children in hospital.” chief exec Maureen Harrison told STV this year.  read more here.

You Don’t Have To Be A Doctor to Help Children Get Better…

Help us do it again. This year we’ve 42 fundraising pages set up on Just Giving, and everyone is getting their sponsors in. Unfortunately the one trophy from our trophy list that eluded us last year looks unlikely to be achieved again: to get 100 fundraising pages taking part..

Can we do it? The only way we’ll get there is with your help. It’s not too late. Sign up for Scotland’s 24 hour gaming marathon now, by creating a page on Just Giving and following our instructions on the right.

If you’re already on board, see if you can persuade someone to join you!

Play Games. Save Kids. Win Stuff.

Trophies YO!

If you want to know how well we’re doing, or more specifics about where the money raised goes, check out our Trophy List.  You’ll see that we only got 57% of our trophies in 2010, not very impressive by hardcore gamers standards…
Can we do better in 2011?  It’s all down to you

4 New Trophies YO!

Wow its been a great couple of days! And we have the trophies to prove it…
‘If you build it, they will come’
-20 people to take part in Sick Kids Save Point (bronze)

‘Listen to the Man’
– 2 organisations (Rockstar North, The Ministry of Gaming) sign up to participate or sponsor us (bronze)

‘Let me complement you on your therapy already’
-£500 raised will provide an hour of complimentary therapy in the Drop in Centre for 10 children or their parents (silver)

‘More than a drop in the ocean…’
-£1000 raised funds the Sick kids Drop in Centre for two whole days (silver)

For more details see our trophy list by following the link at the top of the page…