Much Less Than Six…

In an incredible feat of organisation, a group known as ‘Less than six’ (David, Robert, Kim and Bob) have already drawn up a comprehensive plan for their Sick Kids Save Point marathon.  Impressively this group of brave adventurers will be Rocking out with Rock Band, high-speed waggling with Super Smash Bros on the Wii and playing some table top rpgs such as Dungeons and Dragons.  But perhaps the most impressive feat of all in their plan is a game known mysteriously as ‘1000 Blank White cards’ – could this be the hardest marathon challenge yet?  Surely nothing could be more sleep inducing than a card game involving no stimulation whatsoever!

In all seriousness though, these folks deserve all the support we can give them, especially because they’ve an integrated forfeit scheme which will inevitably result in them donating a lot out of their own pockets on top of the sleep deprivation.  Check out their Just Giving pages here, and go follow them on twitter

SKSP Health Warning

Our latest poster design shows the Sick Kids Friends Foundation Drop In Centre,  which provides information, support, advice, activities complementary therapies and welfare benefits information for patients and their families.  £1,000 raised funds the centre for two days, and allows SKFF to keep it stocked with books, art materials and other activities – even a Wii!  That £1,000 target is one of our silver trophies.  Check out our other trophies here

Campaign launched!

Gamers! Have you ever spent more time than you should on a gaming session? Completed that adventure in one sitting? Played a whole world cup in FIFA from qualification to final without getting up? Swung that Wii-mote till your arms hurt?

But are you hardcore enough to go that little bit further for a good cause? In August 2010 gamers across scotland will be taking part in a 24-hour gaming challenge to raise money for the Sick Kids Friend’s Foundation. And when Sick Kids Save Point is all over you’ll be the proud owner of the feeling that comes with having raised a grand total and the hopes of countless kids.

Game ON!