Inside number nine…

2009 was an uneventful year in games. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was the best-selling game of the year, pipping a bunch of Wii shovelware for the top spot.


But it was a great year for proving that gamers can be heroes, and that games can make a difference!

That’s right, Save Point is nine years old this year. We’re officially retro cool.

We’ve lasted because we’ve built a great community of gamers who want to help Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity

And this year, you can join that community. Whether you’re a hardcore Battle Royale game addict or someone who likes a spot of Trivial Pursuits, try gaming for 24 hours for charity this October with us….

Save Point 9 will kick off in your own home or gathering place between Friday 12th October and Sunday 14st October 2018. Watch this space for sign up details.

Lucky for some – sign up for SKSP 8

Ready for Sick Kids Save Point 8? Are you feeling lucky, punk? Prepare for Friday the 13th


The country’s original and best gaming marathon returns at a crucial time for the charity.

Most people end up in hospital because of some pretty bad luck, but thanks to the work of the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, kids from all over the country get extra comforts and support to make the experience easier.

After it moves to a new state-of-the-art hospital early next year, the Royal Hospital for Sick Children the hospital will now be called The Royal Hospital for Children and Young People.

This is because it is being expanded to do more work with mental health and to support young people as they transition from children’s services to adult services.

110,000 babies, children and young people from all across Scotland will be helped by the charity.

It’s only right then that the charity changes its name to reflect this, so the Sick Kids Friends Foundation is now called Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity.


To help spread the luck on Friday the 13th of October, sign up to take part in our gaming marathon to raise vital funds for the charity. Video games, board games, role-playing games, anything goes for a 24 hour challenge you can face alone or with friends.

Under 18? No problem, gather your classmates or family around and do the 24 hours between you, tag teaming it when the going gets tough.

The event page is ready for you to join… feeling lucky?

SKSP 7 launch!


Sick Kids Save Point 7, we have lift off! This morning the first participants will kick off their marathons. Please check the #sksp hashtag on twitter and on our facebook page for updates and links to live streams over the weekend!

Participants – don’t forget to keep us updated with what you’re playing – we need to know you haven’t nodded off!

(image by MyConfinedSpace)

Sick Kids Save Point 7 countdown, featuring Pokemon Go

As we enter the final week before Sick Kids Save Point 7, the country’s biggest charity gaming marathon, some of the individual challenges are beginning to emerge.

The Nearly Men podcast return with a horror themed marathon, which will start with the classic Resident Evil, followed by a number of creepy indie titles thanks to a number of companies who have agreed to help them out.

Clearly a glutton for punishment, Joe Blythe also returns with another Dark Souls survival challenge. In 2013 he beat Dark Souls in the 24 hrs. Dark Souls 2 beat him in the sequel. How will he fare with Dark Souls 3 this year..?

img_20161010_181333And at SKSP HQ we’re gearing up for a 24 Pokemon hunt using Pokemon Go (and some much needed battery packs!)

Tom will start at his work at SNP conference at the SECC in Glasgow on Saturday, before meeting Ross at Edinburgh Zoo. They will then walk along the water of Leith and end up in Pokemon hot-spot Portobello. During the small hours the pair will play other games while keeping their Pokedex open, before Tom takes the hunt to Fife on Sunday morning.

After last year’s ‘physical games’ challenge this should be a piece of cake!

Just like all participants, Tom and Ross will be updating everyone of their adventures on social media using the #sksp hashtag.

What’s your challenge? Sponsor these brave gamers and support sick kids here

The 2016 pubcast

Our podcast returns after a lengthy hiatus – all will be explained!

b-movieRoss and Tom return to introduce Sick Kids Save Point 7 in a pubcast designed to showcase their wandering minds and belligerence.

They talk up the charity, wander onto No Man’s Sky and get carried away catching Pokemon, while recognising they are a dying breed of gamer. Why not? Games are for everyone, after all…

Download this episode (right click and save)