We’re underway – follow #sksp 2015 live

The Sick Kids Save Point charity gaming marathon is away!



Our brave gamers are updating us with what they’re playing via our facebook page or on twitter using the #sksp hashtag.

Follow them and show your support with words of encouragement and donations to their fundraising, all of which will help sick children and their families.

Some participants are live streaming their events. For example Alex Sievewright here:

Chris Devlin here:
http://www.twitch.tv/cheekydevlin/embedWatch live video from CheekyDevlin on www.twitch.tv
and Alex the Kid here:http://www.twitch.tv/imalexthekid/embedWatch live video from imAlexTheKid on www.twitch.tv

And it’s “all good in the slug hood” as Ashley McNeil provides hilarious commentary to Super Meat Boy:
http://www.twitch.tv/5ciencepunk/embedWatch live video from 5ciencepunk on www.twitch.tv
A word of warning: we cannot be held responsible for mature content or naughty words that might come out of tired gamers’ mouths. It’s all in a good cause!

Early adopters

Although Sick Kids Save Point officially gets underway this coming weekend, some people are forced to shift their marathon due to outside commitments.

Neil Gow undertook his marathon a week early, and played only children’s games.

“Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and support, it’s been a long couple of days but thoroughly worthwhile,” he said, after raising an incredible £554.30 for the Sick Kids Friends foundation.

Today our Welsh champion Matthew Maloney has kicked off his 36 hour test, which has already seen some Dying Light and Sleeping Dogs –  we hope he doesn’t sleep when the light really does die!

You can watch him here

Win big with a dynamite Dubwars score!

Red Dead Redemption is a favourite at Sick Kids Save Point HQ.

cannonIt formed a crucial role during our first marathon, where we held Fort Mercer for the best part of four hours during the small hours.

Tonight’s launch event to celebrate Sick Kids Save Point six will see our gamers playing for probably the two best bits of RDR memorabilia – now collectors items – donated by the game’s developer Rockstar North.

Firstly, a deck of authentic RDR playing cards to hone your wild west poker skills with.

Secondly, this gorgeous bundle of dynamite sticks, for dealing with the varmint who makes off with your winnings.*

The highest score on tonight’s DubWars scorechase will win both. Just donate a coin to play, like a coin op…


This year Rockstar North, our local gaming giant who produces Scotland’s most successful cultural export Grand Theft Auto, is supporting Sick Kids Save Point yet again with donations of prizes for fundraisers and a contribution to our target for this year’s event. Quite simply, we wouldn’t be the event we are without them.

Everyone who receives £100 in sponsorship for Sick Kids Save Point is entered into the draw, and it’s not to late to sign up. All you need to do is read our guidelines and create a JustGiving page in our team page and start planning your marathon.

Don’t forget you need to update us on social media or by live stream every 3 hours so we can all support each other!

Dubwars scorchase challenge – win prizes!

DubWarsWe’re delighted to announce the first of our playable games at our free launch event on Thursday.

Following the phenomenal success of our scorechase at Dare Protoplay this year we’ll be continuing our love for the struggling Ouya with arguably the console’s best game – DubWars. This colourful number is a music game that combines the mechanics of a top-down shooter with the power of Dubstep and Electronica music. Spacey!

Just put some money in our fundraising can for a shot at the top score, and see if you can beat these young champs Josh Matthew and Findlay, who smashed it on the last day of Dare and went home with a bag o’ swag.

young sksp winners

Our launchpad event will have several playable games and a convivial atmosphere – it is supported by the Hit Point, and gatecrashes the regular Rushdown gaming event, home of ‘Battle of the Burgh’, at the Counting House in Edinburgh.

Be there from 6pm!

Sick Kids Save Point launchpad – 24 Sep 2015

Sick Kids Save Point grows an IRL launch – all welcome!

space-channel-5-part-2-quick-play-hdWe had so much fun being at Dare Protoplay this year we thought we’d hold an event of our own.
And thanks to the kind folks at The Hit Point we’re actually doing it this year, not just talking about it!

We’re going to be launching Sick Kids Save Point 6 with a launchpad event on the 24th September 2015 at the Counting House, Nicolson St, Edinburgh at 6pm, and we’d love to see you there, whether you’re taking part in the marathon, a season sksp veteran or just want to find out more.

We’ll have plenty to keep gamers occupied, including playable games from local Edinburgh developers, a thrilling scorechase and some classic multiplayer games. And there’s a bar.

Free entry, but we may trouble you for a donation to the Sick Kids Friends Foundation

It’s going to be the best night out in Scottish gaming. Why? Because it’s for a great cause!

counting house

The eagle eyed fighting game enthusiasts will have noticed this event takes in the regular Rushdown Edinburgh fighting games club, which meets every month at the venue. We thank them for letting us gatecrash their party!


Sick Kids Save Point podcast episode 25 – Flock of seagulls

flock of seagullsTwo men enter one man leaves, then another one takes his place. Cam and Ross run the show from the heart of Leith with accompanying sound track from the local wildlife while Tom goes off to be IN a show. We chat excitedly about us attending DARE Protoplay 2015 in Dundee,  BATTLE HIGH 2, the enduring legacy of TEAM 17’s WORMS, RARE Replay, and more about DARE.  Did I mention that we’ll be at DARE? Also….DARE.

 Download this episode (right click and save)